Shell Helix, bil
Our wide range of products has been specially formulated and extensively tested. Using the right type of oil is important and is more economical in the long run. Find the right one for you.


Shell Rimula,Trucks and heavy-duty vehicles
Your business depends on your machinery working reliably and efficiently. This is why our scientists developed Shell Rimula heavy duty diesel engine oils, designed to protect your engine.


Shell Advance, MC
Using the correct motorcycle oils and lubricants with your bike can make numerous positive changes, including better performance, protection and reliability. This section will help you find the right motorcycle oil for you.

What makes Shell leaders in oil?
The Shell Group invests more in research and development than any other international oil company, Shell recruiting leading scientists who work in world-class research and testing facilities.

Gasellföretag 2010 & 2011
Widik AB, has been chosen as Gazelle company by Dagens Industri 2010/11. The selection criteria for the Gazelle is less than 1 percent of the Swedish Companies

  • Shell Helix, Cars
  • Shell Rimula, Trucks and Heavy Vehicles
  • Shell Advance, MC

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